You have done well, soldiers.


You have done well, soldiers.

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But don’t worry children; different is good! 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

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a riddle:

a man is driving his son to school. they get into an accident and the man dies. the son is rushed to the hospital and when he arrives for emergency surgery the doctor says “i cant operate on this boy, he is my son!” 
how is this possible? 

omg one time our english teacher told us this to try and show what a modern thinker he was and we were all like “it’s a woman” and he was like oh wow i thought he was gay i hadn’t thought of that

Baby Harp Seals Losing Their Shit

The Alnwick Poison Garden is pretty much what you’d think it is: a garden full of plants that can kill you (among many other things). Some of the plants are so dangerous that they have to be kept behind bars. [x]


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*prays that I instantly become hot at 18*

*ok let’s shoot for 21*

Me: I feel like drawing
Me: I should draw
Me: I'm gonna draw
Me: *plays videogames for 6 hours, then goes to sleep*

Zankyou no Terror OP - Trigger

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